Hijab Dresses

Hijab Dresses Offer that Elegant and Chic Look

Those who want to get dressed in style, the Islamic way, can now do so, without actually compromising on the traditional Islamic tradition. Every woman prefers to have a unique style that tends to mirror her personality. The very first thing which comes to the mind of every person when considering fashionable clothes for Islamic women is the hijab. This dress in Arabic language refers to a ‘barrier’ or ‘cover’.

What is the hijab all about?

Basically, it is a headscarf meant to cover the neck and the head, which is considered to be crucial for all Muslim women. The hijab can be worn for various reasons, be it to make that bold political stamen, for fashion sake or for religious belief. Whatever be it, this dress does offer the wearer with the opportunity to feel and look elegant and beautiful. Moreover, they can be found in numerous colors and styles, thus making it all the more tough for selecting the one which will suit the person perfectly.

Types of hijabs

One can buy hijab clothes online of different styles and designs. It is from the medieval times that the Muslim hijab is being used. Since its evolution, there have evolved numerous styles that depend upon the region and culture (like the Pashmina hijab and Kuwaiti hijab). Basically, it can be found of three major types, namely,

  • The Khimer: It is basically a long dress, comprising of a cape such as a veil that falls usually down, a bit above the waist. This dress covers the neck, shoulders, bosom and hair and leaves the face open. The Khimer is usually worn by Muslim women, when they go for Haj pilgrimage or offer their prayers.
  • The Shyla: It is a rectangular, long scarf that is worn by women residing in the Middle East. This dress is to be wrapped around and over the head, tucked or pinned at the shoulder.
  • The Al Amira: Basically, it is considered to be a veil of two pieces, comprising of a close-fitting cap or large head-band, created from cotton or polyester, having a tube type of scarf that is worn over it.

Online shopping for hijab dresses can be real fun and exciting.

How to wear the Hijab dress?

Several ways are present by which the hijab can be worn. The below mentioned steps are to be followed:

  • First, place the hijab over the head. On its one side, it needs to be longer, however, not extremely long, since it may come loose when wearing it.
  • One edge is to be pulled across forehead just above brow line.
  • Holding the head scarf edge, tuck it right behind the ears. At the skull bottom, bring the two lengths together.
  • Pin two sides together with safety pin behind the skull and bring two sides to shoulder front in a manner to lie over the bosom.
  • The hijab’s longer end is to be held and wrapped under the chin. This way, the neck is not to show much. The longer side is not to be pulled hard to avoid loosening it.

The above are the ways by which the hijab is to be worn the right way.

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