Sulfate Free Shampoo

Sulfate Free Shampoo: Mild and Safer

Shampoos are generally of two types –one, which has chemicals in it and the other, which does not have. The former cleans the scalp more deeply while the latter is gentle on it. Sulfate free shampoo is said to be gentle enough and mild on the hair.

Sulfate is a type of acidic detergent, which is typically used in shampoos or other personal bathing care products like soaps and toothpaste. Using sulfate in these kinds of products means that these products will produce immense lather and are needed ina small amount when used. Sulfate is also not a very expensive product, so it is profitable to use in any bath care products.

But yes, using sulfate based shampoos can lead to a lot of disadvantages as well. The use of these kinds of shampoos can lead to dry and brittle hair. It can also lead to the itchy and dry scalp, which is the main cause of the formation of flakes and dandruff as it soaks all the natural oil from the scalp.

That is why one can shift to sulfate free shampoo which is mild enough and also cleans the scalp and hair well.

  • Many people have sensitive hair and skin. If they use sulfate prone shampoos, it may cause itching and irritation on their scalp and skin. It may also cause skin allergies as well. That is why; one should shift to shampoos devoid of sulfates. They are mild and gentle to the skin and also clear the scalp well. These shampoos do not contain any harsh chemicals, which can be hard on skin.

  • Those who have dry hairs and scalp, these shampoos are a must for them.Shampoo without sulfate retain the natural moisture and hair oil in the scalp, which, in turn, keep the hair strands strong as they provide natural minerals and proteins to the hair. One does not grow itchy scalp by using these shampoos.

  • If one has dyed or colored their hair strands, then they must use shampoos which are devoid of sulfates. This is because sulfate prone shampoos are harsh to hair and scalp. They easily fade the colors as they have chemicals in it. Does anyone want the color to fade if they have dyed it to style their hair? The answer is obviously ‘no,’ so the best solution is to use shampoos, which do not have sulfates or other chemicals in it. As they are gentle on hair, they do not fade the dyed or colored parts of the hair and retain the usual style.

  • No one wants chemicals in their hair. It is said that sulfates eventually dissolve in the liver and mimic estrogen, which can later cause hormonal imbalance in the human body.

Sulfate free shampoo may not be the best option for hair, but as it is devoid of chemicals, it isdefinitely considered to be the safer option for hair and scalp. Though there are many doubts about clearing the hair thoroughly as such shampoosare very mild in nature, yet one cannot undermine the benefits they offer.


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