Dress troubles – A Thing of the Past!

womens dress When a gazillion women in Mumbai want to look beautiful every year on their special day, the dress is what tops on the concern list. Dresses, if selected right, make it a piece of cake to handle everything else. Every woman wants to look spectacular and if she gets a good deal for her dress, she can worry less and care more for the rest of the hassles she [...]

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Some Interesting Facts about Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings
An engagement ring these days stands at around 2K. Popular belief states you should be spending around two month’s wages on that special item. But there are so many options [...]

QIKU Q Terra Vs Yu Yutopia: Comparison

Yu Yutopia 03
The year 2015 has just endedand we’ve seen a bunch of smartphones offering some really good specs. Chinese smartphone makers have been dominant in the Indian market, and it [...]

Know the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 on a Better Ground Course

Samsung Galaxy Note 6
Competition is increasing in all grounds may it be technology or style or fashion or knowledge or electronics. With all the growth in the different fields, the smartphone [...]

Popular Prints Available on Sarees Today

Saree is one of the most versatile and most elegant attires that India has to offer to the world. It is its beauty that has come to make it extensively mainstream across the [...]

Things you must know about Men’s Ripped Jeans for Different Body Shapes

Men are very picky when it comes to jeans that they wear, because they are not very stylish like women do. They want to make sure that they wear the best jeans. One of the [...]

Embrace the Beauty of Silk Sarees: Know the Different Varieties

Silk is a natural fiber, whose some forms are woven into textiles. This widely known and rich fabric is used to make different types of clothes that add distinguishing grace [...]

How do Coupon Providers Gain Profit?

The advent of e-commerce has brought about a sea-change in our shopping experience. We could now sit at our home or office and choose from different brands by simply flipping [...]